Villa des Parfums, Grasse

Luxury Accommodation on the French Riviera

Experience French Life in the Comfort of a Perfumer's Mansion


  • “Wonderful accommodation with great views, and hosts!”

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    The property sits on a hill overlooking the town of Grasse all the way down to the coast, providing beautiful views from both inside the apartment and the outdoor terrace. The accommodation provided is very comfortable, really well equipped, and kept immaculately clean.... More Reviews
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Our Story

Villa des Parfums owners Nicole & Vincent founded ‘Parfums de Vie’ in 2008, a local charity which serves underprivileged children & youth.
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Running with the BOB Stroller

In the 15 years that we’ve been together, Vincent and I have always been runners.  We both love running and wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, running together is something that’s always been a part of our relationship.  In fact, at this stage in our lives, running has become our barometer of how well we’re doing at taking some time out.  If we are managing to run together regularly, that’s become a good sign for us that we’re not overly busy and maxed out, but during seasons when weeks go …

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Lemons, Oranges & Eating Produce in Season

Something else that is becoming my new-normal, is the glorious Mediterranean produce in the Villa des Parfums garden, which despite our minimal gardening enterprise, is apparently flourishing.  Lemons galore and oranges (yes – we have oranges) thrive under the Mediterranean sun and all winter long I freshly squeeze juice from our own homegrown citrus fruits!  As you can imagine, wandering out to our trees in pyjamas, choosing and squeezing oranges before school is a daily practice unthinkable for a Scot! The joy of eating fruit and veg ‘in season’ makes …

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Adjusting to the Mediterranean Climate

Having grown up and lived my whole life in Scotland until we moved to Southern France in 2006, grey-cold-rainy was my normal.  Surely because of this background, all year round here in Grasse, I constantly marvel (and thank God) for this incredible Mediterranean climate.  As you can imagine, it’s been a trial to learn to adjust to living in such a climate!  Here’s some examples: Sunshine in Winter.  Every single month of the year, just a handful of kilometers from Villa des Parfums, people are laying, sunbathing, in bikinis – …

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